When to use Genie+

To Get Genie+ or Not to get Genie+?

As you know - we always think it is a good time to go to a Disney Park! Whether you are going once a year or once a week - there is a level of planning and expense that goes into each trip.We get asked often -Is it a good idea to get Genie+? The simple answer is Any day you want to get the most rides, character meets, or experiences possible. But every day, every trip will rack up expenses quickly. In our opinion, each trip and each group has a different path through their Disney Vacation. When you are deciding whether to add in the expense of Genie+ consider the group, the reason you are there, and your budget. We will talk about what is included in Genie+ separately.Here is our INSIDERS GUIDE to when we choose Genie+

Our tips on WHEN to get Genie+:

  • When we are in the park for just 1 day with a special group we like to have Genie+. It gives us the speed and flexibility to enjoy all the rides on our listin a day.

  • We sometimes choose it on the first day of a long trip. This allows us to get everythingwe have on our MUST DO list for the trip on the first day and the rest of the time we can be more relaxed. Let's face it - you have the most energy on arrival so you can use Genie+ and make it around the park quickly!

  • Birthdays! We love to have a special sit down meal for birthdays. These often take 2 hours out of our park day, and depending on crowds can make it difficult to get other experiences into the day. Having Genie+ allows usto plan our day around the meal and get the rides in for the birthday celebration.It's like exchanging ride wait times for your lunch or dinner time. It also makes the birthday person feel special!(works for other special events as well)

  • When the weather is HOT. Genie+ can help you manage your day and get inside to cool off without standing in long lines.

  • When the Park is CROWDED it can help you get a few rides in without the long waits. Of course, what you consider a crowded park is different thanothers - but some days it feels like we aren't going to get enough in - and the Genie+ can help us fit more into the day.

  • We pack a lot into every day. After several back to back park days or events we are moving slower. At the end of these trips we getGenie+ to get to things we have missedon our MUST DO list. At WDW we have also ended the trip with Genie+ just so we can do our favorite things one more time.

  • Remember for the BIG rides like Rise of the Resistance, Radiator Springs Racers, Guardians Cosmic Rewind and Tron. Have single ride Lightning Lanes - so you doint have to have Genie+ for all day - you can just choose these rides one at a time for a Lightning Lane

Whatever you do - remember that there is always more than you can do in a day at a Disney Park, you only need to do what makes you feel like you have recharged your magic and you can plan another trip in the future. Make your Disney Day the best you can for you and your group - Enjoy!

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